Enrolment FAQ’s

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the application and enrolment process at St Martin’s Davidson:

Can I visit the school to see it ‘in action’?

Tours with the Principal are welcome by appointment – please click here to contact us for a booking. We also hold two Open Days, in March and July each year, on a regular school day.

How long in advance do I need to apply?

We accept applications at any time, however enrolments close on 31st May in the year prior to your child’s commencement in Kindergarten. There is an $88 Application Fee for Kindergarten enrolments. For other grades, vacancies may exist throughout the School, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire about your application.

Can my child change schools now and come to St Martin’s straight away?

We will accept applications for immediate start if places are available. Please contact the school office as soon as possible to discuss availability.

Does my child need to attend an interview?

Yes, each child enrolling in the school needs to attend an enrolment interview with the Principal, accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.

Will there be an orientation day before my child starts at St Martin’s?

All children commencing at the beginning of the school year will be involved in transition programs. This will vary for children entering at different times of the year.

What is the process for enrolment?

A completed enrolment form along with supporting documents should be submitted to the school office along with the $88 application fee (for kindergarten enrolments). Enrolment forms are available from the school office or downloadable from the school website. Documents needed along with the enrolment form include birth certificate, baptismal certificate, immunisation records, and passports and visas if you are newly arrived in Australia. For grades other than Kindergarten the last two school reports are requested as part of the application together with any specialist reports if applicable e.g. Speeth Pathology, OT etc. New parents are then interviewed by the principal and our Parish Priest before an enrolment is finalised.

My application has been accepted. What should I do?

You will be required to finalise the enrolment procedures at the school by completing the Enrolment Forms and providing all other documents. Medical Information, any Family Court Orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court should also be made available at the time of enrolment.

What if my child has particular needs, are they eligible for enrolment?

All families are interviewed before a child commences school to determine whether there are any additional learning needs to be considered. We ask for as much information as possible during the enrolment process to ensure that all relevant considerations are made, and that the School and the family have the same understanding and expectations. More information is available on our enrolment policy.

Are there tuition fees and levies?

Yes, all Catholic Schools require families to contribute to the ongoing costs of maintaining a Parish Primary School. School fees are essential to supplement the Commonwealth and State grants for Catholic Education.  They are kept to a minimum and go towards covering school operation costs, expenditure and maintenance. Details of our fees can be downloaded from our Enrolments Page