St Martin’s is a dynamic learning environment where students thrive while preparing for the future as they grow and mature.

We believe the purpose of education is to discover and develop each child’s unique talents in a nurturing and collaborative community. We recognise the importance of teaching in a way that motivates, inspires  and challenges our students so they are well equipped to build on their primary school success as they move on to high school and beyond. We offer a broad range of intellectual, cultural, physical, spiritual, social and creative opportunities that develop resilience, self-confidence and life skills needed to be a global citizen.

Friendships flourish at St Martin’s. The community is a warm and inviting one. Our teachers know every student, regardless of whether they are in their specific class or not. We are a happy school where  children can run and play on the extensive grounds several times throughout the day. St Martin’s students learn to work in a collaborative environment and have the opportunity for extension in their learning as well as learning support if required. At St Martin’s, we care about your child and we are passionate about education. We invite you to come and explore our school and look forward to welcoming you to St Martin’s Davidson.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.  Enrolment information can be found here