Principal’s Message

St Martin’s is a vibrant learning community where children’s achievements are celebrated. Our motto, “Strength & Gentleness” is lived each day in our relationships with each other. We seek the involvement of families in all aspects of school life.

At St Martin’s we follow the Broken Bay Learning Principles. With the learner at the centre, we believe…

  • learning is a product of thinking
  • collaboration enhances learning
  • learners must have agency in their learning
  • learning dispositions are as important as skills and knowledge
  • learning happens at the point of challenge
  • learning is contextual

At St Martin’s, we work together to challenge our students to be thinkers, to collaborate, to have agency, to have a positive disposition, to learn at the point of challenge and that learning is contextual. Teachers know each child as a unique individual who is developing at an individual rate and therefore classroom learning is individually focused in order to provide opportunities for challenge, enrichment and support in all curriculum areas.

The staff of St Martin’s are highly educated and committed to providing the best learning opportunities for the children. Our pursuit of best teaching and learning practice is supported by an extensive professional learning program for all staff. It is the quality of our teachers that makes all the difference. Relationships are a vital feature of St Martin’s School. Programs such as Kidsmatter, Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL), the Buddy System, and the Seasons for Growth Program foster open and honest relationships which positively affect the children’s self-esteem.

There is a strong sense of school spirit and pride in the school from students, staff and parents. We highly value the contributions of parents in our school community. The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) are extremely active and provide  opportunities for social and educational engagement. We are like a family and we are proud of our school. The staff focus on the three pillars because research says that we know happy children learn best.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.  Enrolment information can be found here

Principal: Adrian Pulley

Assistant Principal: Chris Biefeld

Religious Education Coordinator: Bethany Laurence