Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St Martin’s Catholic Primary School, an inclusive school for all children

We offer a holistic, nurturing education in a bushland setting on the Northern Beaches.

We welcome students and families of all backgrounds, cultures and religions to St Martin’s Davidson. Our aim is to nurture our students as they become independent thinkers and collaborative contributors by providing them with a well-rounded education.

Customised learning beyond the classroom

Teachers know each St Martin’s child as a unique individual who is developing at their own rate. That’s why our classroom learning is individually focused so we can provide opportunities for challenge, enrichment and support in all curriculum areas.

We have the flexibility to stream children by competence and skill rather than age and grade. This allows us to accelerate or give extra support for your child if needed. It also enhances your child’s social and emotional learning, preparing them for life after primary school.

Learning extends outside the classroom at St Martin’s, with every child having access to the arts, science, STEM based learning and eco-focused activities. Students love taking care of our vegie garden and native bees, and learning about the Northern Beaches’ indigenous history.

A student-led school

Every child is valued and has input into all we do at St Martin’s. We teach our students to collaboratively approach problems, reach solutions together and measure the outcome.

Our beautiful playground was designed by our students, who worked together to create an area that they would all enjoy using. St Martin’s students have a wonderful sense of belonging and graduate with deep confidence and self-worth.

My office is a place of celebration and communication, where children, parents and staff are welcome to come and have their voice heard.

I look forward to welcoming you to St Martin’s and invite you to take a school tour by contacting us on 02 7256 2107 or

Adrian Pulley