Learning in this Key Learning Area is essential to the development of children’s Numeracy. Numeracy is not just maths. It is how we use our skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum.

At St Martin’s, because we believe that learning is individual and that children learn at different rates, we build onto children’s knowledge and skills and this assists in their numeracy and mathematical development.

Equipment is easily accessible in the classroom. The children are encouraged to make choices from this equipment which will help them to find solutions to tasks. We encourage children to take risks in their exploration of concepts and to build self confidence as mathematicians. Regular assessment occurs in Mathematics to inform the teacher of the student’s next learning steps.

Mathematics involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and relationships. Our world is filled with situations where opportunities to develop their skills in numeracy arise and parents can easily help the children at home by encouraging them to solve simple problems by discussion and trialling possible solutions.


For more information please refer to the Diocesan "Numeracy Statement" - January 2015