Don’t just take our word for it!

Our Parents Love St Martin’s

A small sample of what parents value most about St Martin’s Davidson:

“The caring community that St Martin’s has created. The staff at the school are very caring towards the children. I believe that St Martin’s provides a holistic educational experience – academic/sport and social awareness.”

“The strong sense of community which is demonstrated consistently and the strong emphasis on the values strength and gentleness which permeate throughout the school.”

“There is a wonderful sense of community at St Martins. In this day and age it can be hard to come by a group that cares so much about others. The school is focused on the big picture not just the results they can boast about.  It seems to be important to develop well rounded young community members not just intelligent ones.”

“The closeness of the community. The excellent teachers, students and families within the school.  There is a true level of care and kindness in the school that is unique. The standard of education is excellent. The PBL and Kids Matter programs are wonderful. The teachers are very hardworking and passionate about education. It is a lovely school where everyone feels valued.”

Our Students Love St Martin’s

A small sample of what our students value about St Martin’s, Davidson:

“I have lots of trustworthy friends. I like that my teacher helps me with my spelling. I like that my teacher helps me with my problems.”

“Having amazing friends; having the best teachers; having a nice uniform; having a nice oval and grass area, having a basketball and netball court, having gala days; having fun activities.”

“This school has changed my life, they have made me realise that I’m smarter than I think I am.They have helped me become a stronger person and I have realized to appreciate what I have.”

“I have really nice friends, teachers and staff. I feel I can trust them with most things. Our school community is like a wonderful loving place. I think our school motto represents our school perfectly.  The teachers teach us to be the best we can in the best way they can.  We love going to gala days, beach safety, night of the notables, and we especially love going on camps.  I love our school.”

Our Teachers Love St Martin’s