Learning Support

Inclusive learning at St Martin’s encompasses a broad range of learning experiences which are accessible for all students. Learning support is tailored for each child and we can adjust the school program to meet their specific situation.

Our Learning Support Program focuses on respect for the dignity of each child to give them every opportunity and support to reach their full potential.

Classroom teachers consult and work collaboratively with the Learning Support Team, specialists and parents to:

  • Modify classroom programs
  • Devise new programs of teaching
  • Identify appropriate resources to create learning and social opportunities for students with special education needs.

Early intervention and detection of learning difficulties are our focus. Students progress is monitored and assessed regularly. If any student needs assistance with their learning they are given a support program in class and parents are given assistance to help children at home.

When you apply to enrol please talk to us about what extra support your child needs so we can ensure their needs can be met here.