Staff List


Adrian Pulley Principal
Christopher Biefeld Assistant Principal
Bethany Laurence Religious Education Coordinator


Nikki Caflisch Kindergarten Teacher - Echidnas
Fran Harrison Kindergarten Teacher - Wombats
Loretta Vozzo Year 1 Teacher
Diana Petesic Year 2 Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)
Bethany Laurence Year 2 Teacher (Thursday & Friday) REC (Wednesday)
Patrick Sheedy Year 3 Teacher
Chris Biefeld Year 4 Teacher (Monday - Wednesday)/Assistant Principal
Corey Strozer Year 4 Teacher (Thursday - Friday)
Lucy Oakley Stage 3 Teacher
Marie Seaford Learner Diversity Lead
Eleanor Hill Italian Teacher/Learner Diversity
Dr Erica Ryan Gifted and Talented Consultant
Kate Miller Learning Support
Kellie Howard Learning Support
Olivia Fitzgerald Learning Support
Lucia Smith Learning Support
Kerri Zappia Learning Support
Susanne Bragge Parent Engagement Coordinator/Learning Support Teacher
Angela Debien Teacher Librarian
Donna Hoy Music and Choir Teacher
Georgie Dowsett Sport Teacher
Joanna Litchfield Senior School Administrative Officer
Georgie Ward School Marketing & Enrolment Officer