Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a broad range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour.

Education is the process of helping each individual discover their own uniqueness, potential and responsibility. Responsibility is when we make informed choices about our behaviour and take control of our actions.

Behaviour management at St Martin’s is seen as teaching, guiding, leading, encouraging and demonstrating Christian behaviour within a framework of Catholic Gospel values.

St Martin’s Catholic School rules and behavioural expectations outline appropriate student behaviours that contribute to the functioning of our school as a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment. Students at St Martin’s Catholic School are taught, encouraged and supported to demonstrate these expected behaviours.

School Rules – Positive Behaviours For Learning

At St Martin’s we are ‘strong and gentle’ learners when we:

Care for Learning
Learn and let others learn.
Be an active listener.
Be prepared and do your best.

Care for Self and Others
Safe and caring actions.
Care for your appearance.
Use kind words.
Be fair and inclusive.

Care for the Environment
Care for belongings.
Care for our school.
Keep a safe environment