National Science Week

This year National Science Week in schools celebrates the Game Changers and Change Makers who have shaped our world. It examines game changers and change makers in the fields of bio-medical engineering, bio-technologies, prosthetics, bionics, genetic modification, ethics, and brain enhancement.

Additionally, 2018 celebrates the International Year of the Reef, through the International Coral Reef Initiative. This includes scientific discoveries, inquiries, and activities about reefs, the animals and plants that live within them, as well as reef scientists and game changers, the understandings of whom help boost our collective knowledge and knowledge about these amazing marine environments.

In our classrooms this week within our regular Science & Technology learning students will experience hands on Scientific investigations – Kindergarten are investigating the Seasons and weather patterns – with a contextual focus on droughts, Stage One have investigated water sources in our school and how we use them; Stage Two students are building on their field experience in The Cascades by investigating through a hands on, fair test the physical weathering of rocks and how they change over time and our Stage Three students are learning to model the changes to the Earth’s surface which cause earthquakes whilst understanding and gaining knowledge of the layers of the earth.

Students will have the opportunity to undertake some additional science learning through some special investigations led by Year Six on Friday, which help students to become the change makers who inquire and investigate to gain a deeper understanding of our world.

Tania Godfrey