School Advisory Team

The St Martin’s School Advisory Team is a leadership team comprised of parents and staff which works with the principal and, when required, the parish priest to strengthen and nourish the relationship between school and parish.

The team shares responsibility for the well-being of the whole school. Its focus is on ensuring that the Catholic Life and Mission of the school is at the heart of its work and that a sense of collaborative mission is present in the school’s culture. Members of the board are invited by the principal to join in membership.

A range of key actions is carried out by the advisory team. These include:

  • meeting regularly to engage in prayer and formation as a leadership team and to plan tasks and evaluate progress;
  • assisting the principal to implement the school annual plans by leading or assisting with nominated projects or inviting community members to form sub-groups which will work on a project or task;
  • advising on school policy;
  • regularly communicating with the school community about its work;
  • discussing and planning practical ways to encourage support and involvement of our families in the life of the Parish;
  • working with the community to identify and work through issues impacting on the achievement of school goals and direction;
  • reviewing the organisation and procedures of the board to ensure it is sustained and is maintained as an effective leadership group.