Extra-curricular Opportunities

St Martin’s Catholic School offers a large number of extra-curricular activities for students wishing to extend their learning in various ways.

These Include:


We offer extra curricular yoga each Thursday morning at 8am to all students. A great way to start the day relaxed and ready to learn.

Chess Club

Formal chess lessons are held each Monday from 7.45am with a qualified chess teacher. Students are engaged in regular chess competitions with students from other schools. St Martin’s hosts “The Great Chess Competition” each year and all children are invited to participate.

School Band Program

The Training Band, Concert Band, Woodwind Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and Jazz Band are a credit to the musical talent that exists within the school. The school music program compliments the band program in musical skills and knowledge. Band tutors and our Band Director are professional musicians who visit us each week . Students perform at a variety of events including the Mall Music Concert and the NSSWE Spring Festival at Chatswood Concourse, eisteddfods, special functions and at Band Day and ‘Solo Night’ are also highlights during each year.

Maths Challenge

A team of Stage 3 students are chosen to represent the school in the Maths Challenge where they have the opportunity to tests their mathematical skills and reasoning against their peers at other local Catholic schools.


Senior students are involved in the Independent Schools Debating Association (ISDA) competitions and perform at a wonderfully high standard. With our debating coach and school coordinator, a comprehensive training program in this important life skill is provided for senior students in Years 5 and 6. Two senior teams regularly compete in the Independent Schools Debating Association Competition and the Northern Beaches Debating Competition.

Swimming and Beach Awareness Programs

Students in our K – 2 classes participate in a  water safety program that caters for all levels. Our primary students in Years 3 – 6, are involved in a Beach Awareness Program, which covers surf safety, skills and survival concepts.

Public Speaking

The skills of public speaking are specifically taught from Kindergarten to Year 6. Senior students are involved in a Diocesan public speaking tournament. Those selected at the school level then move onto representative competitions at a district and diocesan levels. Each year St Martin’s conducts a public speaking competition for all children. This event helps to build confidence and public speaking skills starting in the early years.

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy Programs

These extremely worthwhile services are provided through outside specialists who visit the school each week. Close contact between the therapists, class teachers and parents ensures that a collaborative approach is maintained.

Italian Program

All Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in our Italian Language Program. Students learn about Italian culture, history, geography and the language itself. Each year, we celebrate ‘Italian Day’ with class performances, an Italian style lunch and gelato.

Northern Beaches Learning Community of Catholic Schools

St Martin’s Catholic School forms part of the Northern Beaches Learning Community of Catholic Schools (NBLCCS) which is a unique and innovative education system within the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay. It offers a range of Educational, Pastoral and Co-Curricular initiatives which link our students across each of the schools in a meaningful and dynamic partnership.

The NBLCCS aims to utilise the strength of a network of leadership in the development of strategic approaches to addressing the contemporary learning and teaching needs of the schools in educating and forming young people in Catholic Discipleship.

School Choir

Students from Year 3 and older are encouraged to join the School Choir. The School Choir is conducted by our Creative Arts specialist teacher. Students are involved in the choice of music and have many performance opportunities during the year, e.g. Lion’s Community Christmas Concert, the Mall Music Concert, Preschool performances, local community and school events.

Creative Arts

All students are involved in the Creative Arts program conducted by our Creative Arts specialist teacher. Performances during the year include Italian Day, the Christmas Concert and other school events.


The Student leadership ministry team for Sport lead the school each week in a session of aerobics. This helps keep everyone active and is a great start to the day.

Quiet Area Lunch time Clubs

There are a variety of activities that children can participate in at lunch time if they would rather not run around or play team sports. Clubs vary during the year and are developed with student input and interest areas. Lunch time clubs include:

  • Lego Club
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Drawing and Colouring Club
  • Building Club
  • Technology Club
  • Genius Club
  • Maths Games Club
  • Bead Threading Club
  • Card Games Club
  • Board Games Club.

The Library is also open for children to enjoy at lunch time when the Librarian is supervising.